When it comes to building a slip-free surface around risky areas in our homes, a popular choice includes Rubaroc. While still a growing product in terms of reputation, you don’t have to look far to see people using Rubaroc in Canada. This rubber-based surface provides a solution for walking that can act as the ideal flooring surface for outdoor living areas.

With over three decades of international usage, Rubaroc has become a prominent part of the construction industry. At Element Construction, we regularly have clients asking us about Rubaroc. To help you decide if this rubber surface is the right choice for you, let’s take a closer look.

What is Rubaroc, and how can I benefit from its usage?

Rubaroc is a form of rubber brick used to create various areas, from patios to swimming pool edges. It provides a simple, safe surface to walk on that is much easier to care for and look after than standard bricks. It’s used in numerous settings, from barns, paddocks, sheds, swimming pools, home patios, and just about anywhere you want a brickwork-like effect and style.

It is effortless to clean and care for, and Rubaroc is easy to clear when it snows. The surface is impenetrable to the development of bacterial build-up and mildew growth, so it retains its pristine look for longer.

Many use it as play areas for children, offering a long-lasting, easily maintained surface that is excellent for kids. It’s a slip-resistant material, making it great near swimming pool edges, but it’s also soft and flexible. If a child were falling, the material would help to absorb the damage to minimize impact.

How to clean Rubaroc

When choosing a Rubaroc installation, you want to avoid one of the most common Rubaroc problems: staining and ruining the design. To clean this product, most of the time, you will use a pressure washer. However, a mild soap paired with a strong spray from your garden hose can often be enough to help clean Rubaroc.

Where can I find Rubaroc installers near me?

If you think you would like to go ahead and get rid of concrete fittings to replace with Rubaroc, we recommend contacting our team today. With vast experience in fitting and managing Rubaroc, we can help you install and maintain your new fittings in the Dartmouth and Halifax areas.

For anyone looking to install Rubaroc in Canada, reach out to us today. As proven Rubaroc dealers, we make sure you get an excellent deal for your investment and arrange an estimate for speedy installation.